Shantal Riley

I report on health, science, the environment and the policies that surround them. 

The children of Flint, ten years later

Dionna Brown calls herself a survivor of the Flint water crisis. Ten years ago, in April of 2014, the city switched its water supply to the Flint River. The move happened under an emergency manager, appointed by the state of Michigan to help the beleaguered city find its financial footing. But the river water was corrosive, awash with chloride from road salt runoff, and the city failed to add corrosion inhibitors to the water. Aging pipes began to leach iron and lead.

It’s True. It’s Getting Harder to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in maintaining optimal physical and mental health. It allows the brain and body to reenergize, restore vital functions, and reset our internal body clocks. Our sleep is regulated by circadian rhythms, the physiological changes that follow the 24-hour light cycle. But, more and more, researchers find that this natural process is being interrupted by modern life. “The modern light environment acting on our circadian rhythms is chronically sleep-depriving a lot of pe